SCCU Sports Academy



Through sports we are linked to the target groups as they come to enjoy the fun of sport

The organization has a sports academy with various games and sports were children are engaged in areas of their interest i.e. soccer, volley ball, netball, athletics, martial arts and boxing. This keeps them healthy and physically fit. Some of these street kids are talented hence a need to nature and develop their talents

Here we aim at preparing them to become professionals and earn income. They can take on their talents as carriers in future.

SCCU Sports Academy
At SCCU children enjoy the fun of sport as they are engaged in various games/sports according to their interest we develop, nature and promote talents. The sports at the academy include soccer, athletics, boxing, marital arts, volley ball and net ball

Our Soccer Team
The organizational soccer team has made us popular with the kids and community, because of its spirit of challenging and winning games and competing against other clubs of the privileged children. This has been an eye opener to the public that a child at the streets can be important to society if given chance. Our team has acted exemplary to other street children through their transformed lives. This has urged many to leave the streets and join the team hence linked to the organization.