Rehabilitation / reintegration / child protection services

SCCU’s main long-term goal is rehabilitating and reintegrating street children with their families and/or communities. This includes withdrawing vulnerable children from the streets, providing access to a range of immediate services as required (i.e. medical treatment, shelter, nutrition, psychosocial support, etc.), home tracing and reconciliation between the family and a child. It is a gradual process that involves reuniting beneficiaries with their families. During the past three years, SCCU has been able to reintegrate over 29 ex-street children with their families.

Rehabilitation takes on average 6-18 months depending on the needs of a given child. To aid in this gradual process, SCCU also serves as a drop-in center for vulnerable children. Over 80 children access the center every day for food, sports, music, dance and drama among other activities. Counseling and social services are also available to children. Since inception over 200 children have benefitted from SCCU’s services.

Education & skills development

Education and skill-development are critical programs at SCCU. SCCU has partnered with several schools and training institutions within Kampala district and has supported children as they complete full school years. SCCU’s skill-development program is aimed at preparing and empowering young adults to become economically productive and independent. This approach is targeted towards specific young adults who have not made it through formal education and therefore have fallen behind from their peers. By developing specific skills, this group of young adults could pull themselves out of poverty and live an economically sustainable life despite having missed out on formal education. Current skill-development programs at the center include: tailoring, leather works and shoe-making, hairdressing and beauty treatments.


SCCU upholds sports as a key component to engage its children, and it was through this activity that SCCU was established. SCCU continues to use it as a mobilization tool, awareness platform, skills and talent development. SCCU intends to broaden the sports fraternity through partnerships with foundations and corporations. The pioneer team is currently participating in FUFA Regional national football league.


Music, dance, and drama are popular activities at SCCU. The arts are employed not only to benefit the children by providing a creative outlet, but also to send important social messages. Through drama shows, SCCU has been able to carry messages that urge everyone to protect the rights of children. SCCU continues to use public shows to sensitize the community on the silent mistreatment of vulnerable children.