Volunteer or Donate

SCCU, like most non-governmental organizations, is heavily reliant on donations and volunteers to realize our goals and potentials.

Please get in touch to learn more about how you can donate—whether as earmarked donations, regular funding or smaller one-off donations. Below are just some examples of what you can help fund, as well as examples of specific ways in which you can get involved as a volunteer. We welcome enquiries and proposals.

What you can help fund:

Regular ongoing monetary support of:
• Education
• Medical care
• Food
• Staff training
• Reintegration tool packages

Donation of:
• Sports equipment (in particular footballs, football uniforms, football shoes)
• Musical instruments
• Toys
• Books
• Arts and crafts appliances

How you can volunteer:

Help a child:
• Develop confidence and self-esteem
• Read and write
• Develop talents in sports, music, dance & drama, vocational skills
• Improve their welfare and hygiene

By volunteering as a:
• Sports coach Music, dance and drama teacher
• Mentor
• Vocational skills teacher
• “big brother” or “big sister” (visiting a child to listen, talk, play, and offer emotional support– whether with homework, understanding of society and the world around them or teaching them about proper hygiene and sanitation Medical Doctor or Nurse, doing house visits at the center.)

Help us scale up our networking and partnerships, locally and/or internationally, to secure ongoing funding for the organization

“Come and show the children some deserved love”