About us

Street Child Care Uganda (SCCU) is a community based charitable organization that was started in 2007 by ex-street boys. To address the issues that pattern with the street, ex-street children and other vulnerable group in Uganda and our primary objective is giving back hope to the under priviraged groups.

Uganda continues to experience pervesive effects of human rights, violation, social injustice, political instability and poor standards of living i.e. absolute poverty hence bringing the driving factor of increasing number of street children and other venerable groups.

SSCU is part of Haldor Topsøe’s charity activities.


Improvement of social, economic livelihood of street, Ex-street children and other vulnerable groups.


To instill hope in the children and chalenge the public on the issue of child suffering and to bring them forward as pillars of tomorrow.


To create an out reach vision with deep concern and sympathy for the under prevailing groups i.e. street, Ex-street children and other vulnerable groups.

Children at SCCU

16 children are currently living at SCCU while up to 60 disadvantaged community children visit SCCU daily. The children staying with SCCU are mostly orphans without family members able to take care of them or single-parent children abandoned by their mother because she cannot afford to cater for them. The children visiting SCCU are mostly vulnerable children whose parents cannot pay for their basic welfare and schooling or children staying away from home due to mistreatment or family disputes. Some of these children are helped by SCCU to go to school while others spend most of their day in the streets collecting scrub to earn money. The children come to SCCU to have lunch during weekends, play, make homework, watch television and participate in the football, music and dance activities organized by SCCU.

Children living at SSCU
Children daily visiting SSCU

People behind SCCU

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Joshua is the founder of SCCU. He was 11 years old when his mother died and he had no other option than to live on the streets. He has never known his father. For three years he lived on the streets and survived by collecting plastic bottles and other scrub he could sell. At age 14 an Ugandan football player who played on the national team discovered Joshua’s talent for football. Because of his talent he was able to get a sponsorship for a boarding school to finish secondary level.



Ken is the co-founder of the organisation. Ken and Joshua met while they were both living on the streets and consider themselves brothers. Ken evaded street life when he joined a music and dance team that helped him to finish secondary level. Today Ken is working as a waiter and spends his spare time with the kids teaching them music and dance.



Nsamba is a former professional boxer that is now working as a boxing promoter plus film actor and director. He is visiting SCCU daily as he is cooking food for the kids. Nsamba is also training some of the older boys in boxing. He is the treasurer of SCCU and keeps account books updated.